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We are working with both individuals and businesses from all over the globe to create solutions, strategies, marketing tools, digital media and solve problems with cost effective solutions. We work closely with companies to launch products from the ground up – from the idea stage to taking the product to market

What we offer

Virtual Reality

Web Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital Advertisement

Web Base System

Video content

Graphic Design

Aerial Photography

Marketing Strategy

Digital Solutions
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At Win Wind Trading, we provides services tailored to achieve a company’s digital objectives. With expertise in various aspects of digital solutions,  we recognise that each client is unique and offer bespoke services aimed at meeting specific goals. Our wide experience of working in education, entertainment, financial services and tourism enables us to create varied and multi-channel base plans with an intention of meeting a single, overall goal – strengthening the client’s market position.


Afiq Tariq

managing director

Muhamad Syakir

Chief Executive officer (CEO)

Ahmad Syihabuddin

Chief operating officer (CoO)

Muhamad Faez

chief marketing officer (cmo)

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